The Patient Investor with David Hornik

31st March, 2022

Episode 23: Show Notes.

Today our listeners are in for a real treat.  We have the opportunity to speak with and learn from David Hornik of Lobby Capital.  David has worked with technology startups in software for nearly two decades, enjoying exceptional success over the years investing in companies like Splunk, Fastly and GitLab.  David talks about the evolution of the venture capital industry, how he adds value to founders, and what he looks for when making startup investments.  Our listeners are sure to come away with some great insights!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A quick look at David’s long and varied career in and around the world of venture capital.
  • How David navigates the competitive dynamics of funding successful startups.
  • The value and resources David brings to help startup founders be successful outside of purely capital.
  • Characteristics of founders that get David excited about an opportunity.
  • Reflections on the good and bad deals in David’s career and what separates them. 
  • The frothy environment in venture capital valuations, and how early-stage investing can be somewhat insulated.
  • His specialization in software and why he does not stray outside the vertical.
  • A perspective on the blockchain, Web3, and crypto space.


David is a Founding Partner with Lobby Capital and the creator and Executive Producer of The Lobby Conference. He invests broadly in information technology companies, with a focus on consumer-facing software and services, enterprise applications, and infrastructure software. He is the author of the first Venture Capital blog, VentureBlog, and the first Venture Capital podcast, VentureCast. Prior to Lobby Capital, David was a General Partner at August Capital for 20 years. David teaches business and law at Harvard Law School and Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

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