Attract new investors.

At PitchBoard, we are connecting high-net-worth investors to top-tier money managers. High-net-worth capital is critical for managers to scale their offerings, yet it remains difficult to access as it’s super-fragmented, blocked by gate-keepers, and complicated by regulatory restrictions on marketing. We’ve developed a unique technology platform that lowers these barriers and helps put money managers in the driver’s seat.

Raise Money

A network of hungry investors

Create a fund profile that delineates fund details you prefer like performance and strategy, and get in front of a community of high-net-worth investors with the ability and desire to put capital to work with smart managers

Cut out the middle man

Get away from third-party capital providers that offer pricey and fast money; connect directly with investors that have long time horizons

Scale your investor base

See one new investor become multiple new investors as recommendations allow you to quickly scale and get exposure to new networks

Build Awareness

A new channel to be discovered

Disseminate views and content generated through your normal investment process to build a following

You are a star

Showcase your investment acumen and build awareness for your strategy

Focus on what matters

Allow the quality of your ideas and investment performance to drive your access to capital versus connections and pedigree

Accelerate Referrals

Drive word-of-mouth

Get discovered by new investors and tap into new networks by being recommended

Leverage your most important asset

Invite your strongest proponents - your anchor investors, to the platform and get access to a “second degree” network of their high-net-worth peers

What people are
saying about

What people are saying about

Market your private investment fund to accredited investors who are actively seeking alternative investments.